FL80 Super
The model FL80 SUPER window is made of Mahogany or Pine, 69x80 mm profile.
FL80 window and door made of 80x60 mm profile.
Soft lines design on the inside and the outside FL80-SA frames are made of 80x60 mm profile with antique moldings perfect for renovating or restoring ancient buildings or homes.
FL90€ window and door frames, 90x70 mm, offer exceptional performance in terms of strength and solidity as well as great thermal and acoustic insulation by using a triple seal.
Made of a Wood-Aluminum combination (80x60+20 mm profile).
The wood frame provides all the thermal and acoustic insulation while the aluminum cover on the outside provides excellent resistance to weathering and practically no maintenance.
“FLA” windows (80x60+20 mm) are made of premium quality wood varieties, clad externally with aluminum or bronze-finish brass profiles.
These combinations provide perfect air and water seal, require no maintenance and offer practically unlimited durability.
The Monoblock Unit is a window frame made by assembling together, using a spacer, window and shutter or, external jalousie to form a single unit
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