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We specialize in the supply of special woods intended for use in external applications.

From certified Canadian Red Cedar to thermally modified hard woods to composite woods, our range of products covers a wide variety of materials, colors and textures for different applications.

Th.M® wood is produced by gradually heating timber in special chamber kilns at temperatures reaching between 160 C and 245 C, enhancing some of the wood’s physical properties: namely, color, dimensional stability and resistance to fungal decay.


Stone cladding and stone facings are cast in moulds, using a unique process that replicates existing colors and textures with meticulous detail.

Each color and texture has its own blend of ingredients: including Portland Cement, lightweight aggregates and iron oxide pigments, producing the look and feel of natural stone.

Less dense and lighter in weight than natural stone, manufactured stone is easier to handle, store and install. Less weight also means artificial stone can be applied in more areas, and with less support than would be required for natural stone, while preserving all the beauty of natural stone.


Composite wood, made with 60% wood fibers, 30% high density polyethylene mix, and 10% additives, is resistant to insects attack, highly durable , strong and lightweight. It’s a 100% recyclable product that respects the environment.

The range of wood composite Xyltech is available in two different qualities and several profiles. Blades Reverso and Natural and Unico are available in residential quality.

Xyltech can be perfectly adapted to residential applications, from decks to garden alleys, as well as non structural applications such as garden furniture.


Fixed and removable wood parquet, large dimensions, solid and 3 layers engineered.


Expert windows and doors made in Italy to the highest technical standards.


Tailor-Made for your windows, Woodlux® windows and shutters are designed and produced with the latest technology using specially selected and treated wood. Woodlux® products give you the highest quality at a reasonable price. Made in cooperation with a leading European manufacturer of wooden windows and shutters, Bonacci e Veroli, Italy.


VISTA is a system of wood sliding doors, which can be made of multiple leaves, allowing for minimal obstruction and maximizing the glass area of the door.

A unique approach to the nature that stimulates a continuous and narrow relationship among inside and outside without any interruption of visual limit.


VOX is a Vinyl Siding made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) to be used as Outdoor Cladding or False Ceiling.

Vinyl Siding can be used on residential buildings as well as on public objects. It ensures a durable and aesthetic facade for years.


Microcement is a smooth colored cement layer , 1-2 mm thick, that can be applied over all kinds of surfaces, such as concrete, ceramic tiles, terrazzo, mosaics and even wood. It can be used in both interior and exterior applications, and large areas can be executed without joints.

It is to easy to apply and easy to maintain, providing a way to renovate rooms without the mess , dirtiness and cost of traditional renovations.

In interior applications it can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, offices, restaurants and retail stores.

In external applications, it can be used in sidewalks, entrances, halls and galleries.

Available in 34 standard colors, special colors can be formulated.

Special designs can be executed by our trained workers.


Our diverse lines of furniture allow you to select from a wide variety of items that optimize comfort and design needs. From rooms to villas, yachts to full hotels, our contract furniture is easily customized to your specific space.


Made of stainless steel, copper, brass, or silk, our line of wire mesh enters in every space and renews forms and volumes with new stylistic solutions.

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